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Salida, Colorado: Amigo Motor Lodge

When I think about places I want to visit in Colorado, the list is long. Even after living here over half my life, there are beautiful places I still haven’t been (Telluride being at the top of this list!). To be honest, Salida, Colorado wasn’t even on my radar.. until I heard about Amigo Motor…

Lana’s Shop

Do you ever see come across someone’s instagram feed, and wonder, are they really that kind, sweet, and genuine? On a platform that is highly curated, it can be hard to distinguish who is real. Meet Lana Effron. She is the real deal – beautiful, cheerful, kind, and a new mom to the sweetest baby…

Courtney Cyr: Flourish

  I stumbled across her feed and was blown away (and a little intimidated). For a few months, I stalked her feed, and one day was decided to reach out to her to grab lunch. Making new friends as an adult is a lot like dating; you’re nervous, you don’t want to say the wrong…

Sejal Parag | Karma Lit

Every evening at dusk her mother would light a candle fill their home with light, warmth, and smells like cinnamon and vanilla. It’s a simple act, lighting a match that then lights a wick. But this simple act would ignite a hobby, and now a career for Sejal Parag. Meet Sejal, the founder and owner…

Amanda Harper: Harper Made

She grew up always feeling like a creative person. She knew she wanted to create, but wasn’t sure what it was. This feeling lingered through college and still lingered after trying creative outlets like photography and painting. She wasn’t lacking creative energy but she was missing an outlet that she enjoyed and excelled at. Determined,…




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